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Courier Services
You are working as a Design Engineer in ABC company in Penang, and urgently need to send your latest part for testing in a test lab in Singapore. You rush to your company's person in charge for delivery, be it your clerk or your in-house logistics/delivery department, and the auntie/uncle in charge lazily tells you that you need to fill in certain forms to provide certain information before delivery can be made. You bite down your curses and find the relevant information, all the while wondering how this job falls upon your shoulder when you have more important things to do.

Let's face it: in the real world, us third world engineers handle everything, and that included logistics. So arming yourself with basic knowledge of how the logistics system of a courier service works will be crucial to your work, especially so when you are the engineer, technician and office boy all combined in one.

A courier service's main role is to deliver your packages safe and sound to the intended location, most often in the shortest time possible. The delivery could be done by air, by sea or on land, and it depends on how urgent the item is and how far the location is. So a parcel sent from Penang to Singapore could be done by air if it is urgent (with a hefty price of course) or on road if it is not. 

The more famous of the courier service providers are familiar to all thanks to the marketing power of advertisements, while others are not so much but still known to those who usually engage courier services. A list of the usual couriers that could be seen in the Malaysian and Singaporean region are as follow:

The usual brands of courier service providers which could be found operating in Malaysian and Singaporean region.

  • DHL Express: A division of the German Deustche Post AG, and one of the leading courier service provider. Headquartered in Bonn, Germany. Official website:
  • FedEx Corporation: Short for Federal Express, the famous American based courier service with its headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. One of the most heavily advertised courier service. Official website:
  • United Parcel Service (UPS): Another American courier service provider, headquartered in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Official website:
  • TNT Express: This one is headquartered in Hoofddorp, Netherlands. Official website:
  • DB Schenker: Part of Deutsche Bahn AG, it is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Although not as famous to the non-users, it is quite heavily involved in the industrial courier service. Official website:
  • GDex: An acronym for GD Express. This is actually a Malaysian company, more heavily engaged in delivery within Malaysian and Singaporean region. Official website:
  • Citylink Express: Another Malaysian company that is more familiar among the smaller local companies. Had a bad personal experience with their courier service, but still well accepted by the general Malaysian and Singaporean industry. Official website:

Some of these couriers' aircraft can be seen in international airports, while some of the multiple-wheeled trailers or vans could be seen carrying their logos on highways, making their delivery to the next destination. So what other courier services which you have engaged before?


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