Friday, 23 January 2015

Electrical Conductivity and Resistivity
I guess “conductivity” and “resistivity” are terms relatively simple to explain to the general public. Conductive materials conduct electrical currents easily, and resistive materials resist electrical currents. So what should an engineer know about these terms that the general public does not generally know? By knowing how they are defined, and knowing the difference between resistivity and conductivity, and resistance and conductance.

No, this is not about "Resistance: Fall of Man" game (image taken from Best Game Wallpapers).

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Metal whiskering
Do you know that not only mice and felines grow whiskers? Metals do too! Surprise surprise! To system and electronic engineers however this is an unpleasant surprise, a nightmare that they wish never will happen in their products. This phenomenon gain so much attention that high tech companies such as Lockheed Martin and NASA are still trying to understand it.

The removal of lead from solders increases the chances of tin whisker occurring. The phenomenon of whiskering had caused multimillion havocs, including the false alarm of Millstone nuclear plant, Swatch watches recall and the lost of Galaxy IV satellite (image taken from The Guardian).

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