Tuesday, 10 April 2012

What Engineers could learn from the movie "Titanic"

A couple of days ago, I went to see Titanic 3D. This is my second, or maybe third time seeing the movie since 1997/1998 (it’s true, I swear! I know some of you saw it 10 times back then, don’t lie to me ;P). Back then when I was a teenage girl, Titanic did not left any impact on me from the engineering point of view, all I saw was the tormenting love story between star-crossed young lovers, Jack and Rose. Of course, I was like any other teenage girl back then, all doe-eyed for Leonardo DiCaprio.

Image from IMDb also includes reviews

Alright, this post is not actually about all the gushy-mushy gooey dooey loveyy storeyyy or how cute Leo is, but rather it is about the engineering lessons we could all learn from Titanic (3D or 2D, likewise).

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Virtual Sky - Working under an Open Sky

Do you feel happy working under a clear blue sky as opposed to working in a stark office environment? Are your office employees shuffling around like zombies, or nodding off to a sleepy start in the conference room during meetings? Then fear not, for Virtual Sky will improve your employees productivity by providing them a chance to work under the infinite horizon of a clear blue sky! Or so that is how it goes...

This is how I work ever day (not the Party Rock way...)

Reading a recent news article from the technology section, I went in search for more information regarding this new innovation. Developed by Stuttgard-based Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering, or IAO in short (Institut fur Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation) and exhibited in CeBIT Trade Fair in Hannover in March 6-12, 2012 was a matrix of ceiling lighting panels simulating clouds moving across a clear sky.

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